Ensure your next 

makes it out of the planning phase!

1. Plan and Invite

Set minimum people needed and maximum capacity, Require Approval to join... or Not, Control guestlist, track who gets invites & how many they get, Extend permissions, Securely set address with control over the address release date, Collaborate by sharing posts, polls, links, and more.

Share dynamic initiation links to let you see exactly who invited who!

2. Preauthorize friends' payments to reliably split costs.

When they agree to pitch in, Pitch places a hold on the card based on the total price and the minimum number of users needed, then later adjusts the charge based on the total number of people who've bought in.  We'll automatically refund the difference.  If not enough people buy-in everyone gets refunded in full!

3. Cash-out Instantly!

Instant pay out to all major US Debit cards

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